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The race starts on the campus of Newport High School, which lies near the intersection of Northeast Eads Street and Northeast 4th Street, just a few blocks south of Big Creek Park. Because the event will host walking, running and bike riding divisions as well as a half marathon relay, each group will start the race in waves, with the walkers starting at 8:00 AM and the runners and cyclists starting their race at 8:15 AM.

Runners, walkers and bikers follow the course northward around the edge of Big Creek Park onto Big Creek Road, which follows alongside the water's edge of Big Creek Reservoir. The course unfolds all the way out to the turnaround point at the dam, and then heads back along Big Creek Road toward town and the Pacific Ocean, with the next stretch of the race taking runners in the direction of the Lighthouse Rock area just north of this city that's home to roughly 10,000 residents.

After the stretch up toward the lighthouse and back, the race route then brings runners onto the beach, with the remainder of the course unfolding south toward the Yaquina Bay State Recreation area, and then back up to the Nye Beach Turnaround area for the race finish. Organizers note that for those who don't want to run the entire half marathon, the race also offers a four-person team relay.

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