Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to provide families and individuals with a variety of aquatic and aquatic-related activities in a single state-of-the-art facility.

The Aquatic Park is intended to replace the existing 1965 indoor swimming pool, which:

  • The Aquatic Park is the structure which houses a variety of retail businesses, as well as the Aquatic Park. Think of it as a shopping mall (i.e., Lloyd Center or Clackamas Town Center with their skating rinks and all the stores). The aquatic park will provide activities for the entire central coast community and will offer a variety of wellness/fitness programs for all ages.

    The state-of-the-art design includes:

    • an 8-lane competitive lap pool
    • a warm water leisure pool with wave machine
    • a lazy river and bubble bench
    • a therapy pool
    • 2 water slides
    • a Flowrider
    • climbing wall
    • arcade
    • small internet café
    • spectator areas
    • multi-purpose rooms for parties and meetings
    • a toddler play area/spray pad
    • The aquatic park will provide year-round family-oriented aquatic and aquatic-related activities serving all ages and abilities
    • The aquatic park will provide a first-class destination for visitors to the Central Oregon Coast.

  • Activities will be available for all ages and abilities. Some are:

    • Lessons
    • Open swim
    • Therapy sessions
    • Water exercise classes
    • Swim team and meets

    The school district, college, hospital and other local organizations may use the facility
    for educational, recreational or therapeutic use.

  • Final plans will dictate staffing needs. At least 10 full time and 20 part time New jobs will be created, providing an economic boost to the area.

  • The proposal includes modern locker rooms, family changing rooms and adequate restrooms. Seating near areas of interest and a spectator area are planned. Because the park will also be a destination for tourists, extra-wide decks will be provided to set the atmosphere of a tropical resort.

  • Current Pool: 44 years old. It operates 75 hours a week. The existing 6-lane pool has a swimmer capacity of around 150 per day, and can provide one activity at a time. Water temperature cannot meet needs of all users.
    Aquatic Park: New. It will operate 75 hours a week. It will incorporate the multipurpose pool concept, providing a variety of activities for people of all ages and abilities, which may be offered simultaneously. Capacity will at least double. Lap pool will be cooler than the leisure pool or therapy area.

  • OCAP has asked the City of Newport to assist us with land purchase utilizing existing (already collected) transient room tax dollars. NO NEW TAXES WILL BE REQUIRED to either construct or operate this facility. Grants and other funds will be sought to pay for constructing the Aquatic Park. Admission fees are all residents will be required to pay and they will be nominal.

  • Yes, but so are its neighbors, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Rogue Brewery, Hatfield Marine Science Center, 3 hotels and Aquarium Village. It is less dangerous than walking on the beach.

  • Only if you are comfortable with that. Bus service already exists and the bus stop is directly across the street from the proposed site.

  • Patently not true. No hotel is a planned part of this facility. ALL Lincoln County residents will be able to use this facility for the same low price.

  • We have had experts evaluate the site. All Department of State Lands protocol and building codes will be adhered to.

  • The OCAP Board considered 14 different sites utilizing a matrix developed by the architect who conducted the Planning & Design Study. All sites were evaluated with the same criteria. This site was not our first choice, but other sites were either not available or affordable.
    As we restructured the project to be self-sufficient without City funds, it became essential that the Park be located near other tourist draws in the area (i.e., Oregon Coast Aquarium, Aquarium Village, Hatfield Marine Science Center and the Rogue Brewery) in order to take advantage of their tourist base.

  • We tried to bring Newport just an Aquatic Park, without all the mall shops. It simply is not economically feasible to operate. Rental space is an essential component. Your fees alone cannot support day to day operations.

  • You only think you are paying $2.25 a day because that is the fee you pay to swim. But, if you pay City of Newport taxes, you have to factor in the $235,000 subsidy you are paying in taxes at this time. If you had to make up the subsidy in fees, your fees would be significantly higher.
    OCAP is a registered non-profit organization and its mission includes keeping fees at a reasonable level. You could expect a small increase in fees over what you are paying now. The difference will be made up from income streams and shop rentals. NO NEW TAXES WILL BE REQUIRED to either construct or operate this facility.

    • November 2005: Mission statement developed.
    • December 2005: Received registered, non-profit status.
    • Nov-Dec2006: Secured $35,000 funding from Urban Renewal, City of Newport Parks & Recreation and Lincoln County Economic Development fund to conduct a Planning & Design Study.
    • December 2006: Hired Robertson/Sherwood architects, Eugene to conduct the Study.
    • Fall 2007: Identified potential sites.
    • September 2007: Hired Intercept Research to conduct a survey to determine level of support for the project.
    • Fall 2008 to present: :Began negotiations with Newport City Council to purchase land.
    • OCAP refining project as we await Council decision.


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